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Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

Regular Manicure $20
Gel Manicure $37
Regular Pedicure $37
Gel Pedicure $50
Combo Regular Manicure + Pedicure $52
Artificial Nails

Artificial Nails

GEL/Color powder Full Set $60 & Up
GEL/Color powder Fill $50 & Up
Ombre | Pink & White Full Set $70 & Up
Ombre | Pink & White Fill $60 & Up
GEL-X Full Set $50 & Up


Dipping on natural nail $50 & Up
Dipping on fake nail $60 & Up


Extra long tip | French | Design | Repair $10 & Up
Add GEL $15
Take off GEL/DIP $10
Take off ACRYLIC/GEL-X $15


Paraffin Wax $12
Shinny Buffer $5
Hot Stone $12
Callus removal $10
Extra Massage $10 / (10minutes)
Fingernail /Toenail Cut $12 / $15
Hand Polish Change Reg/Gel $15 / $25
Toenail Polish Change Reg/ Gel $18 / $30
Kid Under 8 Years Old

Kid Under 8 Years Old

Manicure $15
Pedicure $30
Manicure + Pedicure $40
Polish Change $10


Organic Deluxe Pedicure $55
Indulge in our Spa Pedicure, featuring certified organic products that are free from harmful chemicals, for the ultimate pampering experience. Enjoy a Pedi Bomb to soften and moisturize the skin, followed by a gentle Callus Remover and a Sea Salt Scrub for soft and smooth feet. Nourish and hydrate with a Collagen Mask Treatment, and relax with a Collagen Massage Cream and hot stone massage for 10 minutes. With our Spa Pedicure, your feet will be treated with the finest organic ingredients for safe and beneficial care.
Milk and Honey Pedicure $65
Our Milk and Honey Pedicure is the ultimate indulgence for your feet. Enjoy the skin-softening benefits of naturally occurring lactic acid in warm milk bath. The Milk and Honey Scrub exfoliates while the Callus Remover takes care of rough patches. Deeply moisturize your skin with the Milk and Honey Mask and enjoy the comforting warmth of steamed towels. Soothe and moisturize your feet with the Paraffin wax treatment and relax with the Milk and Honey Massage Lotion with hot stones. Our pedicure uses the finest milk and honey-infused ingredients to ensure the best care for your feet. Complimentary beverages are provided to complete the experience.
Jelly Paraffin Pedicure $65
Enjoy a luxurious and unique jelly pedicure that invigorates tired muscles and melts away daily stress. The jelly solution retains heat four times longer than regular water for an indulgent and relaxing experience. Exfoliate rough or dry areas with our Callus Remover, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Nourish and hydrate skin with a Mask, soothe and moisturize with Paraffin wax, and promote relaxation and rejuvenation with a Massage lotion and hot stone massage for 10 minutes. Plus, enjoy a complimentary beverage to enhance the experience.
Collagen Luxury Pedicure $70
Pamper your feet with our Collagen Luxury Pedicure for the ultimate relaxation experience. Our pedicure features a Collagen Crystal soak and Callus Remover to soften and prep your skin. The Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub gently exfoliates, revealing silky smooth skin. Nourish and relax your feet with our Collagen Cream Mask and Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel. The indulgent Paraffin wax treatment soothes and moisturizes, while our Collagen Massage Lotion and Collagen Serum Lotion with hot stones for 10 minutes provide an overall rejuvenating experience. Trust that your feet will receive the best care with our safe and beneficial collagen-infused ingredients. Complimentary beverages are included to complete your luxurious experience.
Golden Mystique Pedicure $75
Our Golden Mystique Spa Pedicure provides the ultimate indulgence for your feet. Using a Gold soak powder, your feet are left feeling soft and silky. The Callus Remover gently exfoliates dry areas, while the Gold scrub leaves your skin radiant. A Gold mask provides nourishment and hydration, promoting a healthy appearance. Additionally, the Paraffin wax treatment soothes and moisturizes your feet, followed by a luxurious Gold body butter and Massage cream that are massaged with hot stones for 10 minutes. Enjoy the skin benefits of gold, while indulging in a relaxing treatment with a complimentary beverage.
D House Ultimate Pedicure $85
Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our Signature Pedicure. This luxurious service features a soothing Herbal Neck Wrap that provides all-natural aromatherapy, contouring your neck and shoulder to ease stress, aches, cramps, and muscle pain while boosting blood circulation. You'll also enjoy a stress-relieving Sea Salt soak, followed by a Callus Remover and Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and smooth your skin. Our Collagen Milk Mask tightens and rejuvenates your skin, while our Paraffin Wax and Serum Lotion nourish and repair it. To top it off, you'll receive a 15-minute hot stone massage with Serum Oil to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant. And as a complimentary bonus, we'll even treat you to a beverage of your choice.


Eyebrow $18
Lip $15
Chin $15
Eyebrow Lip Chin $38
Full Face $45 +
Under Arm $25
Half Arm $30 +
Full Arm $45 +
Half Leg $40 +
Full Leg $60 +
Bikini Line $35 +
Brazilian Bikini $55 +
Full Back $50 +
Full Chest $50 +
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Classic lashes enhance length and curvature by attaching a single lash to each of your natural ones. They offer a neat, refined lash appearance, providing the most subtle lash extension look — appearing as if you're not wearing extensions at all.
The original no-mascara mascara effect.

Full Set- $150
1 Week Fill - $50
2 Week Fill - $70
3 Week Fill - $85
4 Week Fill - $110
5+ Week Fill - $150
Hybrid lashes offer a solution for those torn between a bold, thick, and dark appearance and a soft, feathery, and natural style.
Why? Because Hybrid lashes combine both Volume fans and Classic lashes, incorporating various lash types.
This design is ideal for those who desire the intense, mascara-like traditional lash combined with the fullness of volume lashes

Full Set- $180
1 Week Fill - $55
2 Week Fill - $75
3 Week Fill- $95
4 Week Fill - $120
5+ Week Fill - $180
Volume Lash is our top-rated and most adaptable lash extension offering, exclusively using ultra-delicate lashes ranging from 2D to 6D.
In contrast to classic lash extensions, which apply one extension per natural lash, density lashes affix several super-fine extensions to one natural lash, achieving a "fan-like" appearance. This leads to a more amplified and dense
appearance that can be tailored to match your desired look and complement your eye contour. For those seeking a standout, yet still naturally soft appearance, density lashes are the ideal choice.

Full Set - $220
1 Week Fill - $60
2 Week Fill - $85
3 Week Fill- $105
4 Week Fill- $140
5+ Week Fill - $220
Mega Volume
Our MegaDensity lashes amplify drama with unmatched volume, intensity, and fullness using only our ultimate lashes (5D-10D). Despite their rich density, they remain incredibly lightweight. Each fan contains more than twice the lashes of our TrueVolume, offering unparalleled density, length, and curl.

Full Set - $260
1 Week Fill - $70
2 Week Fill - $95
3 Week Fill- $120
4 Week Fill- $170
5+ Week Fill - $260