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Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

Regular Manicure $20
Gel Manicure $37
Regular Pedicure $37
Gel Pedicure $50
Regular Manicure + Pedicure $52
Full Set $45 +
Fill $40 +
Dip $50
Gel X $50
Design $5 +
Polish Change $15 +
Cut $12 +
French Design $7
Take Off Gel $10
Take Off Acrylic $15


Organic Deluxe Pedicure $55

Spa Pedicure is soaked with sugar powder to soften your feet. Your feet are exfoliated with a special sugar scrub and left to relax with a mask. A warm towel gently removes the mask and follows with rejuvenating hot stone massage to the lower legs and feet with lotion and oil.

Jelly Paraffin Pedicure $65

Spa pedicure with bubbled jelly to soften your feet, and soothe aching joints, and muscles. A fusion of our paraffin pedicures, to relax and pamper your calves and feet also includes callus removal. A hot stone and lotion massages are followed to completely relax your leg muscles.

Golden Mystique Spa Pedicure $75

The gold spa is the symbol of wealth, well-being, strength, and warmth. The Egyptians already knew the positive effect of the treasured precious metal on the body and soul. Gold renews and revitalizes. Paracelsus already praised its healing power. The golden shimmer projects, against environmental damage. The skin immune system is strong. Scientific findings of the medical action of gold were the inspiration for a gold spa treatment.

Other Services

Other Services

Paraffin Wax $12
Hot Stone $12
Kid 8 Yrs and Under

Kid 8 Yrs and Under

Manicure $15
Pedicure $30
Manicure + Pedicure $40
Polish Change $10


Eyebrow $18
Lip $15
Chin $15
Eyebrow Lip Chin $38
Full Face $45 +
Under Arm $25
Half Arm $30 +
Full Arm $45 +
Half Leg $40 +
Full Leg $60 +
Bikini Line $35 +
Brazilian Bikini $55 +
Full Back $50 +
Full Chest $50 +